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We Offer a Prime Location

Conejos Lake Fork Ranch offers a great central location for your base camp while on your fishing trip.  When on our 40 acre ranch, you will have access to private water that only guests of the ranch are able to fish.  The private section of Lake Fork holds an abundance of wild browns and some wild cutthroat that range in size from 6" to 18".

Heading further up the Lake Fork from the ranch, you will find Rock Lake and Big Lake lake where you can find some nice rainbows, as well as more wild cutthroats in the meadows between the two lakes.

A short walk or drive from the ranch will provide you with access to the Conejos River where you will encounter some of the best brown trout fishing in the area. On the Conejos you can choose your own adventure: hike into some of the most remote water that few have fished, or walk through the meadows into water that is much more accessible.

A 10 minute drive from the ranch will give you access to Saddle Creek, which is a smaller creek, but it is full of wild brook trout and the occasional wild cutthroat, and has some of the best sights Colorado has to offer.

You will be able to pull off a Grand Slam of Browns, Brooks, Bows, and Cuts all within a short walk or drive from the ranch.